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If you are curious as to what this community is all about, we’d want to tell you who we are.

Who are the founders of Plin SF?

We are a group of ladies who like brunch, days at the beach, trips, cooking, and being fit. We are clever, productive, and we love to keep ourselves busy.

We are also crazy about cannabis.

That does indeed surprise you, because there are others who are equally ignorant. There is a negative stigma associated with cannabis smokers: they are lazy hippies who enjoy drum circles, wear ponchos, and have no work.

Sure, of course, channelling Cheech & Chong is totally OK. However, we are here to present an additional perspective on the issue of smoking, and that is, clever, successful, creative, motivated women who also smoke.


Plin  Agency’s Mission

Our goal is to help every stoner lady live her best life.

A weed pro, a reformed smoker, or an ally of cannabis reform – whether you’re new to the world of weed or not, we hope you’ll find something here on Regulate Cannabis LG.

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